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Gnarly Flamingo's Slide Team Discussion

A place to dicuss strategy and plans for the next competition.
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 Hour Limit

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PostSubject: Hour Limit   Hour Limit EmptyThu 3 Aug - 22:27

Hello. Yes i have an hour limit on my computer..

Anywho i WILL be in my room from judging but i will only be on for an hour or so.. I will most likely be afk. elephant

I will say Welcome occatinaly (sp?) but i will need somebody in my room to assist me if i'm dc or somebody isn't following the rules. to greet people etc. etc. so if a few will volenteer. if you have to leave please ask somebody to look after my room. i am not happy with asking this because i think it is irresponsible but i have nothing left to do.

Thanks for understanding Smile
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Hour Limit
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