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A place to dicuss strategy and plans for the next competition.
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 We have an outsider..

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PostSubject: We have an outsider..   Sat 19 Aug - 17:13

who the heck is aman726?!?!?!
He's on our site.
If he doesn't explain himself he's gonna get deleted no not deleted.. BANNED for good.
No one that is not on the team is allowed.
If your not on the team never ever come on this site again!!! Evil or Very Mad

& ryuusei ;;
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PostSubject: Re: We have an outsider..   Sat 19 Aug - 20:14

I know weird,
What kind of a retard *no offence* would search for a secret forum?

I know an Aman in real life at school but I doubt he plays VMK. He's to busy being full of himself and thinking up stupid nicknames to call people.

My most famous one is "Shorty" or "Short Stuff"
But I'm used to it. 5 years of being teased, I miss kindergarden! No, I'm not a midget or anything. I'm like 4" 5 but everyone in the class just has to be taller then me!

Why in the world am I telling you my life story?
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We have an outsider..
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